Start a Dialogue or Host a Screening

Ready to start your dialogue? UPF is here to help. Depending on the film, we offer the opportunity for educators, community groups, students, and interfaith groups to host public screenings of our films.

What's a dialogue? A dialogue is a screening of a UPF film that includes a facilitated or open discussion amongst all of the participants. We have a number of dialogue resources such as discussion guides and icebreakers to help you have a quality dialogue experience. We require every dialogue and screening event to administer evaluations to each participant and to have the evaluation forms submitted to UPF following the event.

What's a screening? A screening is a public event that screens a UPF film that does not entail a dialogue component. Screenings typically have a minimum of 30 people, but can have as many as 500 attend or more. We have a number of marketing templates available to help your screening event. Depending on the nature of the request, we may be able to send a UPF representative to speak at your screening or dialogue event.

Use our Start a Dialogue or Host a Screening form to provide the details of your proposed dialogue so we can help you host a successful event. Once you have signed up, we will mail you the required evaluation forms over email.