The data in this excellent film counters the perceptions formed by those watching mainstream media. We think it should be shown as oftern as possible, maybe even as one minute soundbites (as a psa/commercial) to counter the misleading ideas that have been formed.

A positive, truthful image of Muslims brings about peace. One of the greatest forces of peace in our society right now –UPF, that has brought you these wonderful films. Support UPF.

Imam Zaid Shakir

[Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet] provided the historical background necessary to understand the Islamic religion…students not only enjoyed the film, but also learned a great deal by watching it.

Cindy Wilson

[Inside Islam] was enlightening—especially the surprising data…that the vast majority of Muslims believe in freedom of speech.

Ryan Scherbart

The general reaction to [Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet] was positive, there were many aspects of Islam that we were not aware.

Maria Erdo
Proteus Fund
American Black Film Festival
One Nation
National Endowment for the Humanities
United States Institute of Peace