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UPF is pleased to announce a grant to an innovative documentary from Foment Films, entitled A Son's Sacrifice. This unique 30-minute film unites the visions of two first generation American filmmakers from very different backgrounds. Co-produced by Yoni Brook, the son of a Jewish Israeli immigrant, and Musa Syeed, the son of Muslim Kashmiri immigrants, the film shows how the struggle to define one's identity spans religion and nationality. The Executive Producer, Marco Williams, a professor at NYU Film School, is renowned for his groundbreaking film, Two Towns of Jasper, which explores a community racially divided over the brutal 1998 murder of an African-American boy in Jasper, Texas. [more]

A SON’S SACRIFICE will air on public television stations nationwide in early 2007. We aim to engage millions of people through its national broadcast on public television, interactive web sites that expand on the film's themes, and newspaper and magazine coverage of the program. [more]

We are currently raising funds for the film's post-production and outreach campaign. With your support, the film will reach millions of people via the television broadcast and outreach efforts. [more]


Musa Sayeed
Syeed has written, produced, and directed several short films and plays about racial and religious experience in America. He has also worked in marketing and development at Miramax, as an editing assistant on feature length documentaries, and as a casting associate and consultant on feature films.[more]