UPF’s reach is broadened and deepened through its public educational programs, designed to engage policymakers, educators, students and the general public. We refer to all of these educational and dialogue programs as “20,000 Dialogues,” a set of initiatives that use UPF films to facilitate dialogue about Muslims and Islam. 20,000 Dialogues employs UPF’s films and dialogues to transform knowledge and attitudes. 20,000 Dialogues includes the following initiatives:

  • My Fellow American: a multi-platform social media campaign that attracted over 1 million views of its main short video and developed a community of Americans concerned with rising Islamophobia, including thought leaders such as counterterrorism expert Richard Clarke, Evangelical leader Jim Wallis, and Cardinal Theodore McCarrick.
  • Understanding Muslim Diversity: a training program using UPF’s films to educate policymakers, police, security, military, and the intelligence community in cultural competency of American Muslims. The program has presented trainings at the National Counter Terrorism Center, Pentagon, the United Nations, and the Boston Police Department.
  • Ground Zero Dialogue: a social media campaign in response to heightened tension in the public sphere following the controversy of a planned Islamic center near Ground Zero.
  • Prince Among Slaves: The Cultural Legacy of Enslaved Africans: a rich, educational, website, featuring content on three theme areas: identity, Muslims in early America, and the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, as well as a series of public lectures by leading humanities scholars.  To date, 20,000 Dialogues has partnered with more than 300 universities, community and interfaith groups, houses of worship, student groups, and artists to generate more than 20,000 dialogues with young people, high school students, undergraduate and graduate students, professionals, academics, and religious and community leaders.

How a Dialogue Works