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At its peak, [Islamic Spain] lit the Dark Ages with science and philosophy, poetry, art, and architecture. It was the period remembered as a golden age for European Jews. Breakthroughs in medicine, the introduction of the number zero, the lost philosophy of Aristotle, even the prototype for the guitar all came to Europe through Islamic Spain. … At its best, the history of Islamic Spain is a model for interfaith cooperation that inspires those who seek an easier relationship among the three Abrahamic faiths. At its worst, it’s a warning of what can occur when political and religious leaders divide the world. It reminds us what really happens when civilizations clash. [Cities of Light]
Christian Science Monitor

In Talking Through Walls: How the Struggle to Build a Mosque Unites a Community, we appreciated the way in which people of diverse faiths worked together to understand each other’s values and to assist in the process of working within current governing structures.

Mary Annette Dworshak